December 4, 2023 A New Creation Shows Signs of Life

John and I have been working on the next phase of our Creation. There are many parts that need to fall into place for the whole thing to materialize. The work it takes is not what most people would think it entails, so I like to describe what it is that we do to illustrate what I have been telling people about Creation for the past 5 years. 

The Design Process

We are currently living in a small but attractive cottage in a rural area. This home is enough for us to feel comfortable in, however, we have a storage and workspace problem. We are making do with a covered carport to store my saws and tools and I can work on the bench out of the sun or rain, but it is unsecured space. I rely on the fact that our neighbors look out for us as we do for them. It is really an old way of life. But this is not good in the long term, plus we have more coming up from the home we lived in in West Palm Beach where we had a large shop and storage area. The yard is also a bit small for a homestead with chickens, goats and food gardens. 

After purchasing the house in Tallahassee and getting it rented this house became available and we made the move knowing it would be a place to rest after the rehab and would turn into our next rental unit in time. So as we go through this rest period, we are reassessing where we stand. This includes income and what our next real estate purchase will be. 

We require:

  • Another $1000 a month to stop eating into our savings. 
  • My sister to buy me out of my share of the house in West Palm Beach
  • Minimum 2.1 acres of land for our homestead
  • 5 acres will make it possible to build our Tiny Home-stead community
  • A livable building and outbuildings for storage and a workshop studio
  • A well and septic system
  • Proper zoning for multiple tiny homes
  • A mortgage for the cottage 

 We desire:

  • A creek or river front
  • A mix of mature oak trees, pines and meadow
  • Close proximity to the Coastal region outside of the flood and evacuation zones

How does it get better than this?

Now that the basic design is set, we turn it over to let the Creation Flow begin. While this is happening, we keep busy with what we can do. We shop property on the MLS, we talk to people about what we are looking for, we dream about how we will set up the land to work and bring an income. We look for work that brings in the financial flow. We are researching mortgage types to be aware of what is available for any given circumstance. We will also talk about what this life will be like, how we will plant gardens, where the tiny community will be set up, who might enjoy living there and the contributions they will make. The more we feel this as a reality, the more our emotional frequency matches this reality, the sooner this reality becomes tangible.

Then we watch for the feathers. 

We are very in tune with our Spirit Guide, White Feather, and understand how he communicates with us. We need funding to purchase the land. The funding appears to be imminent as my sister has been told she is approved for her loan to buy me out of our family home. A very suitable 6 acre property that we noticed months ago has just had light shine upon it. The new sign caught our attention first. The brush had been cleared, the workshop had been pressure cleaned, the price was dropped and the zoning has been determined to allow for tiny homes. There is a well and 3 septic systems. I will still need to verify this, but at the same time I can check what the regulations for tiny homes actually are. With this property, we can move out of the Cottage and get it mortgaged as a business. We still need a dwelling on the 6 acre property, this is the only unknown aspect at the moment since we sold our RV, also called White Feather to get the Lease/Option on the Cottage. 

This is currently where we are. If this property is not the best for us, the purchase will not go through. Whenever plans have failed to materialize in the past, we knew that something better is just a little further up the road. Further updates as this Creation stage progresses will go below. Until then…
How does it get better than this?