You Are Creators

Long after the Secret has risen in popularity and fallen flat with the overwhelming disappointment of scores of people who didn’t find success, I learned about manifestation. The purported Laws of Physics would seem to deny the possibility of something being created out of thin air, and yet here we are. By creation, as the Bible describes it, or some big bang as theorized by science. Everything on Earth created out of the vast nothingness of space.

In 2017 I began a deep dive into manifestation after learning that I can attempt to manifest all I wish and never see results because of my own self-limiting filters. I knew inside that manifestation does work and that we are manifesting all the time. I have seen the results of my own sister who was very “Lucky” and my nephew who was deemed “Unlucky” in spite of how hard he tried to get ahead in life. As I dug into this study, I began to realize to my great surprise that I also had times in my life when I manifested my desires easily and I was able to identify why I was successful. We are always manifesting by the words we use to describe what we want and also, unfortunately, what we do not want. This is why we must always be diligent in using positive language.

As this journey continued, I identified three key points that were important to me:

  1. It must be simple.
  2. It must be reliable
  3. It must be a process anyone can do regardless of their belief system.

What is Manifesting?

When I began to experience reliable success, “manifest” felt like the wrong word to use. I turned to the American Heritage Dictionary for clarity.

Manifest is an adjective

  1. Clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious. synonym: apparent.

Create is a transitive verb

  1. To cause to exist; bring into being: synonym establish.
  2. To give rise to; produce.
  3. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort.

In this light, manifestation is a merely a description of what we hope to accomplish, where Creation is an action that achieves the goal.

The Next Step

Through my blog, I share my journey as I perfect Creation following these key points. I no longer practice manifestation because Creation is When you practice the method I now use, you will also release your own powerful Human ability to Create.