About Kitty


Ordained in 2016 originally to perform Laying on of Hands healing. As time passed Kitty realized there was much more she had to offer the community through counseling and Spiritual Guidance through Compassion and the Law of One principles.

Spiritual Alchemist

Certified as a Spiritual Alchemist by the International Alchemy Guild. By using the 7 steps of the Alchemical Process, we achieve mastery of the Ego and realize our true potential.


Kitty began self study into the use of energy and frequency for Healing and Creating in 2017 with a deep dive into the work of Abraham Hicks, YouTube channel You Are Creators, government documents and the Bible.


Strength is in Community

Bigger is not always better. Many of our social difficulties could go away with increased community involvement. Churches and Civic groups helped those people that ran into unfortunate circumstances. Mom & Pop stores sold locally produced goods and food, supply chain disruptions were never a concern until a worldwide illness froze everyone and everything in a grip of fear. Here is a comparison of a few things that could be improved by localizing many aspects of our community.

Food and Nutrition

There was a time that much of our food was grown locally. If not in our own backyard, someone nearby was farming and bringing seasonal and naturally ripened fruits and veggies to market. Crops rotated keeping the soil naturally rich and viable. As local farms turned into commercial farms, farmers began to specialize in specific crops which no longer restored the nutrients in the ground. Small farmers kept animals which provided fertilizer to enrich the soil, but commercial farmers relied on chemical fertilizers which depleted the soil even further. The short term enrichment these chemical fertilizers burned off quickly whereas manure and compost slowly break down and leave the soil rich and loamy requiring less water as the decaying matter holds water in the ground. Opportunistic pests and diseases never had to go far to find their hosts because there was no rotation. This gave these pests and diseases a foothold leading to the need for pesticides which become a part of our diet weakening our own health.

Conversely, small farming practices are able to companion plant, diversify crops and recycle waste. The ground is healthier, the food is nutrient dense and more flavorful. Cattle that is grown on family farms tend to be happier and healthier, grass fed and added hormone free because our farmer has local pride in producing good products. Global supply chains are unnecessary and food security is better assured.

When our food is no longer even grown in our own country, the time from picking to table further depletes the nutritive value. Vegetables and fruits that are plant ripened have better and more enjoyable because ripening is when the full flavor and nutrients develop.


Vine ripened:


Robust color

Full flavor, “There’s nothing like a tomato fresh from the garden.”



Dry and mealy

Tough flesh

No smell

Little flavor


Tree Ripened:

Rich aroma, you can smell them as you approach



Unbelievably flavorful

Brightly colorful


Force grown in a hot house

Picked before ripening to ship

No scent

Hard flesh

Dry and mealy

Goes from hard to rotting, never achieving sweetness

Never develops juice because of separation from its root system.

Boi Lemmony